Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Gah. It's going to be another one of those random posts... Sorry, peeps.

  • I finally registered for SCBWI LA. I know, I know.... I've only been talking about registering for forever. But $500 for a conference is a lot to pry out of my hand. I kept putting it off. Then Steven gave me some perspective. He said, "You wouldn't think twice about spending $500 on a purse..."

  • *cough*

    Uh, yeah. We do NOT need to talk about my issues. Can I help it if handbags are REALLY PRETTY and they SING TO ME like a Siren? Buy me... you know you want to!.... Look I have a gorgeous front pocket and a cute danglely for the zipper...

  • Still rewriting. Actually, that's going well. Are you surprised? Because I sure am. LOL! Seriously, though... remember back when I said that my goal was to fall in love again? I did and I am. Love is wonderful.

  • I am getting really good at this procrastination thing. Especially when I leave in seven days for California. SEVEN DAYS! There's so much to do between now and then.

  • *Not going to think about that and get back to procrastinating, thankyouverymuch.*


    1. You do realize that MUCH CHEAPER purses can be found with gorgeous front pockets and zipper danglies, right?

      *Doesn't understand $500 purses*

      The conference waaay more worth the $$$, me thinks.

      Glad you're loving the rewrite.


    2. I think you spent your money wisely. :)

    3. Casey - they don't smell, feel or look the same. PROMISE. Even my husband can tell the difference... of course I taught him that, but...

      Plus, a conference is 3 days, a purse is forever.



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