Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Last Day

Today is Seth's last day of kindergarten. That blows my mind. In less than three months I'm going to have a first grader and a new kindergartner. No kids left at home!

What will I ever do with myself?!

Don't mind me. I'm having an identity crisis over here, that's all.

BTW, did you know when you write "kindergartner" you leave off the "e" between the "t" and the "n"? I had no idea. It makes sense once spellcheck caught it for me - "ener" looks kind of strange. But... NO WONDER Seth has a hard time reading! English is weird.


I'm too depressed to think about my kids growing up. Let's change the subject.

It's currently 82 degrees and POURING outside. Ahhhh... island life. The rain better clear up by tomorrow. I have a beach date! My kids are going to be PO'ed if we miss it.

Rewriting is coming along well. I have one more new scene to write for the beginning and then it should be "clean up" mode till the middle where I have to pick that apart. I'm feeling confident. Or, as confident as I can be until I exchange pages with Casey each morning. Geez that girl can write!

Gotta get back to it, I guess. Check ya out later. Bye, Peeps.


  1. Thank you! You already know how much I love your writing. I'm so excited about the changes you've made!

    : )

    Can I have your weather? I LOVE when it pours.

    And yea...I get sick just thinking about my kids and school. I feel for ya.

  2. It's now an hour later and the sun is shining. CRAZY!!!

    XOXOXO, Casey.

  3. I am in the same boat! I can't believe my daughter will be a 1st grader in Aug!! SIGH!! It is pouring here too!

  4. Two kids in school sounds lovely to me, wonder how it'll be when I actually get there.

    Yay for rewrites:) You can do it!

  5. It better stop raining - I've got a doggy playdate!



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