Monday, June 15, 2009

At The Movies

I ended up taking the kids to the movies yesterday.

We got there a bit early so we had some time to kill. I pulled out my computer and worked:

How much do I LOVE my computer. *happy sigh*

And even though I worked, I'm still not done with this chapter. Sheesh. It better be the best chapter in the entire manuscript, or else!

Meanwhile, the kids played with toys they brought and took some pictures.

I know I've talked about how Seth is the most amazing photographer. Repeatedly. He blows me away. This is a picture he took yesterday (unedited!!!):

Amazing, right?

I think he only gets better too. Imagine what his pictures will look like when he's ten! LOL!!!


  1. I love your picture. Manuscript, popcorn, napkins - LOL.

    But Seth's picture is made of win. Awesome!

  2. First, i love that you took laptop to the movies. I need to remember that when my kids get old enough to go.

    Second, WOW. Seth is talented! A lot talented.

  3. Seth can take some amazing pictures. He seems to see things that are facinating subject matter that no one else does.

    Like Casey, I like your picture too..."napkins, manuscript." Thanks for keeping us in the loop. ;)

  4. I'm so impressed that you pulled out your laptop at the movie theatre and started working! And, wow ... that's a great shot Seth took!

  5. That is one crazy good eye Seth has!! Better than some ads out there!



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