Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Gah. It's going to be another one of those random posts... Sorry, peeps.

  • I finally registered for SCBWI LA. I know, I know.... I've only been talking about registering for forever. But $500 for a conference is a lot to pry out of my hand. I kept putting it off. Then Steven gave me some perspective. He said, "You wouldn't think twice about spending $500 on a purse..."

  • *cough*

    Uh, yeah. We do NOT need to talk about my issues. Can I help it if handbags are REALLY PRETTY and they SING TO ME like a Siren? Buy me... you know you want to!.... Look I have a gorgeous front pocket and a cute danglely for the zipper...

  • Still rewriting. Actually, that's going well. Are you surprised? Because I sure am. LOL! Seriously, though... remember back when I said that my goal was to fall in love again? I did and I am. Love is wonderful.

  • I am getting really good at this procrastination thing. Especially when I leave in seven days for California. SEVEN DAYS! There's so much to do between now and then.

  • *Not going to think about that and get back to procrastinating, thankyouverymuch.*

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    At The Movies

    I ended up taking the kids to the movies yesterday.

    We got there a bit early so we had some time to kill. I pulled out my computer and worked:

    How much do I LOVE my computer. *happy sigh*

    And even though I worked, I'm still not done with this chapter. Sheesh. It better be the best chapter in the entire manuscript, or else!

    Meanwhile, the kids played with toys they brought and took some pictures.

    I know I've talked about how Seth is the most amazing photographer. Repeatedly. He blows me away. This is a picture he took yesterday (unedited!!!):

    Amazing, right?

    I think he only gets better too. Imagine what his pictures will look like when he's ten! LOL!!!

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be...

    I have absolutely nothing interesting to say.

    It’s raining, so the beach is out. The kids wanted to go to the “big slide.” That’s out too. I’m not going to lug cardboard in the pouring rain. Although, they’d love it.

    “It’s just rain, mom. We’d get wet, but it’s still really hot!”

    True. True. True.

    Plan B: I’m taking the kids to see Dragonball today. If they manage to pick up their playroom. I’m thinking more and more about turning it into my office. At least that way it will stay clean.

    Um… that last chapter... It’s turned into two last chapters. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for days. It will come. Slowly… but it will get there. It’s doubtful it will get sent off today, though. Whatever. I’m trying to pretend it’s not the middle of the month already.

    See? Nothing to say.

    I need chocolate.

    Friday, June 12, 2009


    I need a game plan today.

    I finished Hard and Fast yesterday. The ending was good. I told my mom my favorite line (and I'm paraphrasing because I don't want to look it up) was, "You're the best biscuit this side of the gravy boat."


    Me: What?! Don't you think that's funny?!

    My Mom: I'd have to read it in context.

    Whatever. I thought it was hilarious, and I'm planing on using the phrase on my friends next time someone orders biscuits and gravy. hahahaha... Although, I don't actually know anyone who eats biscuits and gravy besides my dad.


    Then I read two more books yesterday.

    *Full. Stop.*

    Why yes, I am avoiding writing. How did you guess? It's last new scene at the beginning. Which translates into sending the beginning to MM to see if I managed to take care of the problem.

    Okay... I'm terrified. I'll admit it.

    [insert all kinds of nervous statements that I wrote and erased...]

    I know, it's ridiculous to be so nauseous about it. He's super nice and encouraging. All this anxiety is about me. Me. Me. Me.

    I need to get a grip.

    Monday. The beginning is going to be finished and emailed by Monday.


    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    The Last Day

    Today is Seth's last day of kindergarten. That blows my mind. In less than three months I'm going to have a first grader and a new kindergartner. No kids left at home!

    What will I ever do with myself?!

    Don't mind me. I'm having an identity crisis over here, that's all.

    BTW, did you know when you write "kindergartner" you leave off the "e" between the "t" and the "n"? I had no idea. It makes sense once spellcheck caught it for me - "ener" looks kind of strange. But... NO WONDER Seth has a hard time reading! English is weird.


    I'm too depressed to think about my kids growing up. Let's change the subject.

    It's currently 82 degrees and POURING outside. Ahhhh... island life. The rain better clear up by tomorrow. I have a beach date! My kids are going to be PO'ed if we miss it.

    Rewriting is coming along well. I have one more new scene to write for the beginning and then it should be "clean up" mode till the middle where I have to pick that apart. I'm feeling confident. Or, as confident as I can be until I exchange pages with Casey each morning. Geez that girl can write!

    Gotta get back to it, I guess. Check ya out later. Bye, Peeps.

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    On Writing

    Some days it’s like pulling teeth.
    Others, it’s like flowing honey,
    So sweet, I can’t type fast enough.

    Finding the balance is difficult.
    I believe in minimum word count
    Even if I throw them all away
    The very next day.

    Fickle, fickle muse.

    There are ways to feed it:

    I know that it’s working
    When I make myself laugh
    Or fall in love.

    That’s what I want,
    To fall in love.
    God – it’s been so long!
    Especially with this WIP.

    Scary thing:
    I’m loving this rewrite.
    Will anyone see the brilliance
    That I think it is?

    I used the word “brilliance”
    Strike me now.
    Self-inflated ego,
    That’s me!

    For now, at least.

    I won’t tell MM he was right,
    That it needed to be reworked.
    It will be our little secret.
    Don't tell!!!

    On a plan with Casey.
    I’m very excited about it.
    8 to 10 pages a day.
    To be done by the end of June.

    I can do it.
    The first version was written in 3 weeks.
    Back when I didn’t overthink things.
    Back when I was in it for laughter and love.

    It’s not a race.
    That’s not my point.
    It’s about shutting off my overanalyzing.
    That’s what gets me in trouble.


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