Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be Back in a Few...

I’m editing. Woo Hoo!!!!

Here’s how it’s going…

Look at comment. Contemplate for ten minutes how I want to fix. Add some words. Take some out. Add some more. Read. Rearrange. Reread… move on. And I only waste about half an hour per comment! LOL!!!!

I should really learn to be more decisive. It would make edits move a lot faster.

Per my usual, I have sunflower seeds stocked up. They're my edit snack. At least it’s not chocolate. However, someone must have it in for me because there were no regular sunflower seeds on the island when I went out to stock up. I nearly died. I picked up a few of the flavored versions. Last night I worked on Jalapeno Hot Salsa. OMG – SO GOOD! Forget buying regular anymore. Who needs that when I can have a party in my mouth?!

Gutter, peeps. Get your mind out of it.

I shall return soon, victorious and with a shiny manuscript!


  1. With the combined powers of sunflower seeds and spicy goodness on your side, you cannot fail.

  2. Go, Heather! I'll be looking forward to editing commas for you. ;)



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