Friday, May 29, 2009

Taking out the Big Guns

... or computer.

How I feel about this rewrite wavers daily. It's overwhelming. This is the very last time I'm rewriting it. Period. From now on, I'm editing - or I'm moving on to another book.

Of course, if someone wants to buy it and offer me money to rewrite it, I'll happily change my mind. --hahaha

Knowing I'm not doing this again is... FREEING. So far it's been a lot of fun. Right now I'm in it to make myself laugh and fall in love. I'd lost sight of that.

I've been playing with my MC's voice a bit. Seeing how far I can push her without her sounding overbearing, or how much I can pull back to show her vulnerability without making her look like a wet noodle.

I have decided to use my last draft as extensive outline -- keeping the parts I love and dropping what I don't. There are large portions of plot that I'm going to keep. Granted, I may have to change much (or all) of the actual writing so that it reflects the MC's new voice.

The best way to do that is to work with the versions side-by-side. Something that is super easy on my desktop. However, I can not think in the living room. For some reason, in this house, I am only productive when I'm working upstairs alone in my bedroom (go figure *wink*). I'd love to have an office but, hey, it is what it is.

Out comes the laptop. My current laptop, while perfect for writing trips to Starbucks, stinks for side-by-side work. It's only as big as a wallet. I can barely see one Word document, let alone two!

I got out my 17" behemoth. It was one of those buys where after I got it home I thought, what was I thinking?! It's HUGE! It was quickly replaced with something a little more reasonable.

Once I got it set up (after the trouble of finding the plug...) I realized it's perfect for what I need. I'm happily writing upstairs by myself. Ahhhh nice.

I love this computer now! I'm fickle. I know it. I own it. Moving on...

Bekah strolled into my room last night and did a double take. "Where did that come from? It's huge! Where's the tiny one?"

Steven (who was on the bed with Seth and me) said, "She fed it."

I nodded. "Yeah, food and water."

Steven gave me the 'you're seriously dumb' look. "NOT water."

"Er, right." I admit, that wasn't the brightest thing to say in light of her previously 'washing' my iPod and Steven's computer. "Not water. Computers can't have water, they're like Gremlins."

"Gremlins?" she asked.

Seth was more than happy to fill her in. "You know, those crazy monster things. They can't have water, they can't go in the sun and... What's the other one, Daddy?"

"They can't eat after midnight."

"Right." Seth nodded.

Okay... Let's just back up right there. I needed to know something. "Seth, you haven't watch Gremlins in over a year. How did you remember that?"

"I remember everything." He tapped at his head.

"Yeah... and you still can't read."

He huffed. "That I don't want to remember!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self-medicating With Sushi

I am no longer editing. It somehow turned in to a rewrite. A FULL rewrite. Please, let's have a moment of silence...


You queasy? Yeah, me too.

Please don’t ask questions or I’ll throw the tuna.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be Back in a Few...

I’m editing. Woo Hoo!!!!

Here’s how it’s going…

Look at comment. Contemplate for ten minutes how I want to fix. Add some words. Take some out. Add some more. Read. Rearrange. Reread… move on. And I only waste about half an hour per comment! LOL!!!!

I should really learn to be more decisive. It would make edits move a lot faster.

Per my usual, I have sunflower seeds stocked up. They're my edit snack. At least it’s not chocolate. However, someone must have it in for me because there were no regular sunflower seeds on the island when I went out to stock up. I nearly died. I picked up a few of the flavored versions. Last night I worked on Jalapeno Hot Salsa. OMG – SO GOOD! Forget buying regular anymore. Who needs that when I can have a party in my mouth?!

Gutter, peeps. Get your mind out of it.

I shall return soon, victorious and with a shiny manuscript!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it Wednesday, ALREADY?!

I know… I haven’t updated in a few days. I’ve been kind of busy. Not busy doing anything productive. Because that would be, like, CRAZY. *grin*

I have amazing friends. I’m REALLY going to miss them this summer.

I went through my calendar today. Perhaps I shouldn’t have done that because it made two things very clear:

22 more days until Seth is out of school.
48 more days until I fly to California.

So… what does this mean in Heather-speak?

Let me translate for you: It means that I have 22 days before life as I know it gets put on hold. 22 days to (1) finish the freaking first draft of this never ending book, (2) try to figure out how I’m going to fix said first draft and (3) edit my last book (jury is still out on that one).

If I don’t accomplish these things within said time period, I will not be able to focus on them for at least another 33 days -- I added a week onto the California time to allow for my brother’s wedding. When that all settles down, I may be able to concentrate again. Of course, that all depends on if I can sneak out of my parent’s house and ditch the kids – hahaha. Poor, Mom/Nana.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Saturday List:

  • I gave up diet Pepsi. Not forever, but at least for a while. I'm on day two. Um, so far it's going well. When I announced it to Steven while shopping at the commissary, he looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am. I can't give up the tea and coffee yet, so I figured Pepsi was a good start.

  • My friend, Amy, posted the most common things you see in Okinawa. It's a great post because it really IS what I see everyday! Fun, fun, fun.

  • I still haven't edited the pictures from the dragon boat races. It's been a bad week. I'm just so thankful it's Saturday. Hopefully, next week will be MUCH better. For one, I have a new battery for my car ($136 later... ~highway robbery!~). I'll be able to leave the house, at least.

  • At the PX yesterday, while I was busy having Seth try on sandals, Bekah got out the shampoo that was already in my cart. She proceeded to squirt it all over the floor of the shoe section. Thankfully, it didn't end up on any of the shoes so I only had to buy an empty bottle of shampoo. *sigh*

  • Why is it that all my car stuff is due at once? Two cars in the US both have their tags due. In Japan both cars had their JCI's due and now Japanese road tax for both of them. Oh, and guess what -- The yearly insurance on both of the Japan cars are due next month. Yippee!

  • Needless to say... I haven't signed up for SCBWI LA yet. We don't do debt. I keep putting off the sign-up until I can get some of the car stuff taken care of.

  • HOWEVER, I do have tickets to go home! YEA! My brother is getting married in July. The kids and I are staying for a month and a half. My father will be driving me crazy by then and I'll be begging to get on a plane to come back to Okinawa!

  • The Casey-imposed deadline for my first draft came and went. I'm not done. I'm close, but not done.
  • Friday, May 1, 2009

    It's A Hard Knock Life

    I've been running on stress level Alpha. I told Steven that I needed some 'me time' this weekend. Alone... Quiet...


    His response, "Did I miss something?"

    "Er, no. Why?"

    "Did you get your edits?"


    "Then... what's there to stress about?"

    "Well," I took a huge breath, "I told Casey that I'd try to finish my novel by the 15th. It's NEVER going to happen. UGH! I just don't have the time and I'm so ... STRESSED!"

    "About what, exactly? The lunches with the girls? Seeing flowers?"

    Somehow I don't think he appreciates just how complicated my life is. I put my hands on my hips. "I have stuff to do. I'm busy."

    "Yeah, like... figuring out plans for the dragon boat races?"


    Which reminds me, I need to run down and purchase tickets for that. It's next Tuesday! Woo hoo. Can't wait.

    And here's Miss Bekah at lunch today:


    Lily Fest Album 1

    Lily Fest Album 2


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