Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Monday!

It was a long weekend for me. I have so much on my TO DO plate I needed to get some checkmarks in some boxes.

[Completely as an aside... when I wrote this, I didn't realize that I had some boxes that weren't on my radar. Like Steven's JCI which apparently expired three days ago. *grumble*]

I finished the pictures from my China trip. Unfortunately, Facebook is being persnickety and won't let me upload them. I'm going to keep trying to get them up today, and will let you know the links when I have them.

I also spent a great amount of time with Seth this weekend trying to help him read. I NEED him to graduate kindergarten for heaven’s sake! Does anyone else think it’s crazy that he has to learn to read in Kindergarten? I think it’s a little much, personally.

I wasn't going to go off about this but… I have big problems with his teacher and her methods.

I've mentioned the behavior sticks before. We (Steven and I) have spent a great deal of time encouraging Seth to come home with a stamp at the end of the day, trying to throw some weight behind her system. But then… it all changed.

In the last few weeks he’s gotten sticks taken away for ridiculous stuff like, we forgot to pack him a napkin in his lunch and he didn’t have his name in his jacket (the jacket he’s used ALL YEAR!). So now I’m ticked. If she’s going to take away sticks for things that have nothing to do with Seth, I’m no longer supporting her. I told Seth that I didn’t care if he got a stamp or not (and I don’t). Guess what? He didn’t get a stamp all last week. Oh well. I don't think it's fair that he's punished for things that are not his fault.

The end of the year cannot come fast enough.

The other thing that irritates the snot out of me is she expects memorization only. It’s all about sight words with her. This is NOT the way Seth’s brain works. And personally, I would much rather have him sound out the words than know them by memory. But if he doesn't know the words by memory, he doesn't graduate kindergarten. You can see my dilemma.

I have spent hours with this kid and the reading thing. The big problem is he's extremely logical and English is, um, not. If I spend time to explain the rules to him, he seems to get it. That’s what makes me the most frustrated, though, is that I’m spending lots of time explaining advanced level English rules (in kindergarten speak) so that we can get through a set of flash cards that he’s expected to memorize and not read anyway!

The kid won’t take anything at face value either. He wants to know the "why" about everything. If T has a sound and H has a sound… why does TH have a completely different sound when put together? Hell if I know! I just does! That, of course, is not a logical enough answer for him.

I know... I need to calm down. I'm okay. Promise. We made some progress... so I'm rolling with it. For now.

Who said potty training was the hard part? This is WAY more work!

Oh, and I get to do this next year with Bekah. Yea! I'm so excited I can hardly talk.... Or maybe I'm horrified. Whatever.

I also spent some time writing this weekend. I need to finish this draft. Seriously! This book is taking me SO long. It’s been forever since I've had a book take this long! ARG!

On the TO DO list this week:

  • JCI (cough!)
  • Bekah shots (that should be loads of fun) and signed up for school.
  • Getting entry stamps in our passports so that we can be all, like, legal and stuff. ;)
  • Finish first draft (hahahaha - laughing over that one).


  1. My stepson's first grade teacher did the same thing to the kids...if a parent didn't turn in a permission slip or some other "parent" responsibility was neglected she would chastise the poor kid in front of the entire class. That is so wrong. My friend's son became a neurotic mess because he felt compelled to check that she was doing everything just right so he wouldn't get reamed in class. My friend finally told the teacher to back off on that stuff.

    And the reading thing...they introduced sight words in kindergarten but being required to read full on? That's a new one.

  2. Exactly! My son is neurotic now! He’s constantly telling me… “Please don’t get me in trouble, Mom.” Poor thing. I do feel so bad for him.

    The reading in Kindergarten… he feels bad that he’s struggling. It’s so much pressure for a 6-year-old. The kid is going to get ulcers.

  3. Someone needs to talk to that teacher. Having a stick taken away for not having his name in his jacket? Ridiculous! Send a note home, don't punish Seth for it. No wonder people Hoemskool here... :-)

  4. I know! My friend's son pleads with her to read the weekly envelope twice and he freaks out if she doesn't do something exactly the way the teacher told them. Fortunately my son could care less what people think. I guess that's a good thing sometimes. I was that neurotic kid. I had stomach issues when I was five and still have them!

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  6. Uh graduate kindergarten?? Last time I checked kindergarten was optional and not even required in most states. They can't hold him back for not being able to read - that is insane!
    I hate the reading method but I do love Bella's teacher. She works with the kids on sounding things out but still incourages them to know their sight words.
    Seth's teacher sounds like a snot and I wouldn't support her either! As for the end of school I am right there with you - it can't come fast enough. Bella wanted to do summer school but I talked her out of it. ;)
    Oh and Charity lol about hoemskool!!

  7. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I will say that you have a very smart boy. I think those that ask questions are the brightest. Good luck with the teacher situation.

  8. I hope you can get Bekah a different teacher next year!

    I think that's ridiculous they expect them to fully be able to read by the end of kindergarten! Especially if it's only with her method! (Did she not learn about the different teaching/learning styles??!!)

    Good luck with everything... I feel for ya...

    Teachers can either be a wonderful gift or a terrible deterrent in a kids life.



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