Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm missing margaritas with my girls. *sadness*

Steven has to work tonight. I was all set to go, with the babysitter lined up and everything, when Bekah got sick. And she is really, really sick, poor thing. She doesn't even want to play Wii or eat popcorn! And now she's asleep at 5:30. That places somewhere near death, I think.

I guess the universe is telling me that I need to finish the never-ending-rewrite-of-the-novel-of-headache (NERNH). With that in mind, I decided to listen and sweat out the pages this weekend. You know what? I'm kicking NERNH's butt! I'm almost done. If I can buckle down tonight, I should be finished by Tuesday.

Um, yeah. That's it. No margaritas, sickness, and writing.

And I've eaten an entire bag of sunflower seeds in a day and a half.

UPDATE: Bekah woke up. The Tylenol is not helping to bring down her fever. I put a cold cloth on her forehead which she left on for approximately 10 minutes before she declared that she couldn't wear it because it made her "shibber." Then she asked for sushi for dinner.

Not going to happen. However, I am quite proud to have corrupted her enough that sushi is her comfort food. She asks to have it for dinner nearly every night.


  1. Aww I hope she feels better soon

  2. I like that in the middle of her "shibbering" she wants raw fish. Classic.

  3. Aww poor Bekah. I hope she gets better soon.

    Glad you're kicking NERNH's butt!



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