Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Of Nothing

It’s Saturday, right? The days are running together with frightening swiftness. Are we a week into March?! Already?


What have I done lately?

I purchased the trip package. We’re officially going. The kids are jazzed. They keep asking every time we leave the house, “Is this China?” Uh, no.

Flashy Fiction is off to a good start. Man, I’m having fun with it. It gets my writing juices going when I write a piece of flash every morning. That’s part of the reason I blog, to start putting words together… those first couple of the day are always stressful.

Of course, I also use the blog to procrastinate – LIKE NOW! :D

I’m rewriting what I am now calling the never-ending-rewrite-of-the-novel-of-headache. Only this time, I’m having fun with it. At least, I’m trying to have fun with it. We shall see. It is far too soon to make that prediction. I’m stuck at the moment thinking: is this beginning big enough?

And can I just say, I have the best friends a girl can have. They rock. Every single one of them. I got so lucky. So lucky.


  1. I'm going out on a limb and assuming I am in the "best girl friends" you have... :-) I feel the same about you! And if I wasn't one of the aforementioned people, please disregard.

  2. I think you're pretty awesome, too! I feel so lucky to be a part of our little group!

  3. I am so glad I met you! I look forward to my laughs with you every time we hang out! YOU ROCK! Kudos on all your hard work!

  4. Is this China?


    Love you Heather!

  5. I love you all (and feel ridiculously sentimental right now).

    Casey, THIS IS CHINA! What? Never mind, it’s not.

    My word verification is: SUCKA



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