Monday, December 8, 2008


My kids and I were sick. AGAIN. What does that make... three? four??? times in the last two months? I had to pick up Seth from school on Friday because he had 102 fever -- that he spread to the rest of us.

Not much going on around here besides that. Although, now I have a really messy house because I've been down for the last few days. SIGH. I may (or may not) clean it today.

I started writing a new book. This one is not a YA. Actually, it's as far from a YA as you can get. I've started a Historical Romance. HAHAHA. I'm having so much fun with it too. I don't know if I'm going to finish it at this point (it only has a very loose plot) because I'm only writing it to get my mojo flowing. I need to write something (the compulsion is too great) and YA -- yeah, I needed a break. So why not?

I haven't, up till this point, tried to write a Romance. When I started writing years ago, my mom was very specific with her request: NO SEX. That left out Romance. ;)

I let her have her way...

Then I realized, whatever, I'm 32. What's she going to do? Spank me? So I called her and told her I was writing a Historical Romance and it was going to have HOT SEX. AND... she should really read some published ones (I'd recommend a few if she wanted) so that she could help me see if I was on track.

Her response? "Email me the titles."

YES! I've successfully corrupted my mom. Or she just loves me that much.

(It's probably the latter.)

Although, once again, I may not finish it. We'll see. Right now I'm having fun, and that's all that matters.


  1. Glad you're having fun with the historical romance, Heather! I couldn't take myself seriously when I tried to write the couple I've tried to write. Lol. We've talked about that though.

    Sorry to hear you all got sick AGAIN. Stop it, seriously, it's not good for your health.


    Get better soon.

  2. ah, yes. You have corrupted me. LOL Just kidding.

  3. Man, sorry for all the sickness, but I'm happy you have a project you're excited about.

    Sometimes you just have to accept what you write. I've always wanted to write humor, but well, I can't. At least not well. Enjoy that hot sex, lol.



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