Monday, October 20, 2008

Life Goes On...

I sent the revision, and in an effort not to talk about it (because I'm super stressed) I decided to post some pictures.

This first picture is what I see from my desk. It's pretty much an everyday occurrence (click picture to make larger).

Who else has a husband who uses three computers? Hum? Speak up! I swear, all I've been hearing about for the last month (or more!) is WoW and the Wrath of the Lich King. I'm waiting anxiously for the release just so it will stop!

And from the kids: Wii!!! Wii!!! Wii!!!!

I bought Bekah (and Seth, but not pictured) gel stick things for the window:

Um, okay, that's about it for my news. :D

I need to do some more research for my NaNo book. I'm getting excited about it. New project! Woo Hoo!!!!


  1. LOL!!! But then you will get to hear of all my new exploits from getting to level 80!!! I love you babe ;)

  2. This is my new Command Center!!!!

    (yes of course its a dream, but let me dream)

    Christmas is coming (hint hint)

  3. Steven, that is never going to happen. N-E-V-E-R.

  4. This is my dream command center:

    I will have it someday people. Mark my words.

    Like the Wii picture - REALLY funny! Great that Seth is working out, especially after cutting out the McDonalds.

  5. Amy,

    Steven said, "What kind of command center is that?!"

    I said, "Well... there's fabric right there... and that's the computer for coming up with the designs... and the sewing machine... and this right there is to cut the fabric..."


    I don't think he's too thrilled with it. :)

  6. Where's the picture of your new plant? :-) And I TRIED to take your mind off the book by almost killing us. See, that's what friends are for!

  7. Steven's command center had me smiling.

    Aww, Bekah looks older already. I've got to get out there to see those kids!!!

  8. Oh, we're excited for WOTLK here too. I'm looking forward to the grind to 80—it will take my mind off querying very well, I'm sure of it.

    Love the pic, it's hilarious. And my husband only uses one comp now, but he's used up to three...then there's mine too. We have more comps than people in the house...

  9. Congrats on sending off the revision (but pretend I didn't mention is : p) That first picture is great!



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