Monday, September 29, 2008

Muddling Through

Okay... I'm still reading through my rewrite.

I'm currently on pg 48 of 217. Why does it take forever to read my own work when I can read one or two books in a day?! Can anyone share with me?

Oh that's right, it's because I'm so flipping critical of myself. I hate it all. It's amazing how fast I can swing from "freaking awesome" to "it's a huge pile of cow dung."

I want this to be perfect. Letter... word... sentence... plot... PERFECT. ARG!

The trick is to not overthink it. Guess what? I'm thinking. ;)

Seth has a half day today and is off tomorrow. GREAT. That means very little (at all!) is going to be accomplished. I'm just thankful that my husband did super cleaning last night. *big kisses* My house sure needed the sprucing up. When I'm near the end like this, I let everything slide. And I do mean EVERYTHING. I can only concentrate on so many things.

I laugh when people ask, "How do you do it?" Like it's hard, or something. Well, I don't watch TV and if I get engrossed on a project, I let my husband take care of day-to-day life. :D It works for me! I still pay the bills, though, or we'd go without food, water, electricity -- you know, the essentials. Heh.

Blah. Back to the grind.

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  1. Because you are looking for mistakes or a different way to word something. With a book that's already in print you know its not yours and you know its been checked so you can enjoy speed reading right through it



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