Thursday, July 17, 2008

Updates? Are you sure you want them?

1. The wiring in our house for our cable/Internet is bad. It needs to be replaced and to get someone out here will take two to three weeks. We were told this was great news because it usually takes about 6 months (... lucky us...). This means that I am currently stealing Internet (sorry neighbors! But you do have an unsecured line...).

2. My monitor was damaged in the move. It now has a big black spot right in the center of the screen.

I am SO NOT HAPPY. If anyone knows where I can take this in Okinawa to get this fixed, I would be grateful if you can pass along the info.

3. Got notes back from agent... It looks like I have some plot work to do. This is very unhappy news, but I can fix it.


  1. the good news is you have an agent. there. did that help?

  2. That black smudge would annoy the crap out of me!!!! Now get back to work. *cracks whip

  3. I CANNOT believe you are in Okinawa!!


    Oh, and I don't know of anyone there that can help you. Sorry. :-(

  4. Well that all sucks! But, I'm pretty sure it's all fixable with time.

    : )

  5. Selfishly, I'm just hoping your internet gets up and running soon.

    The black spot on the monitor would drive me crazy!

    Work on that book!

  6. haha. i completely knew what you were talking about when you said it reminded you of ross and his leather pants!

    hey so you arrived around the same time i arrived! i love it already! but i still don't drive. my husband is my chaffuer! plus i haven't done that 'welcome briefing' thing. but i guess if i'm going to get my license, i need to right (i read a previous post and didn't know it was a requirement)?

  7. omg that sucks right in the middle of the screen ugh

  8. Hopefully my similar experience can give you hope. We have a very similar looking monitor (MAG 17" flat panel). When it arrived with our shipment 20 months ago it was nearly new & working, but with a vertical hot pink line running from top to bottom just left of center, right in the line of sight! I was not happy. I'm not sure exactly how long afterwards but basically when I was thoroughly used to ignoring it, it just disappeared one day! The monitor is now fine & very much not looking forward to our upcoming move BACK!



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