Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stressing??? ME???


THREE more days in this house for the Kids and I.
FIVE days until TMO packs us.
THIRTEEN days until we're on a plane. GULP!

Today's moving activities included going through Bekah's toys. This was torture. Meanwhile, Bekah refused to help saying, "Frow it all away. Nana and Papa will buy me new ones." And they would. So that leads me to say there was a lot of cursing from Steven and I about spoiled children, indulgent grandparents and too many toys.

Amazingly, I'm on pg 151 of my revision. Almost done. If I don't have that thing finished by the time I get on the airplane I am going to cry -- big tears of frustration.


  1. Hm... I could use one of those kid storage boxes around here. lol. Cute pics!

  2. Breath....breeeeeaath....


  3. hee hee you will tell us how well children travel like that! I do not envy how close your countdown is, ours is 25 day until packout, 32 days till we hop in the car and drive to our new duty station.

    I can't even imagine the stress of moving overseas!

  4. Oh, my. Oh, my. What is a Nana to do when the look at you all sweet and go, PLEASE, Nana, get us this? Yes, give in to the toy madness.

    It looks like Bekah would be happy to be packed up as long as Snow White is her companion in the tub.

  5. Hey, we move out of the westpac on the 18th. When will you get here. Let me know and I can drive you around. You are goig to stay in a hotel off base right? OK let me know.
    I will come get you guys and we can take your kids to play or to the P.X. woohoo. (-:

  6. very cute pictures. :) hope the move goes well--and stress free! :) have a good weekend.

  7. i need to do that to my kids lol



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