Tuesday, May 20, 2008


How is it the 20th already?

I'm well enough to work on my rewrite. THANK GOD. Of course, I'm TWO WEEKS BEHIND thanks to that lovely sickness. Now all I need to do is find some time to focus on it!

My parents came up this last weekend with a huge truck to haul away a lot of our furniture. Basically, we can't take it with us and I couldn't justify sticking it in storage for three years when I have a sister who needs it. Plus, I'll probably buy new furniture in Okinawa anyway, so I didn't want to come back to an extra set.

While they were here, we went out to lunch. At lunch, Seth drew a self-portrait -- he's a potato head and pooping. He's fascinated with drawing poop. I wish I could say I was proud.

My sister is inheriting (among other things) our kitchen table and my bedroom TV. Um, try to live without that when you have two little kids.

But it does make lots of extra room to play!

Yesterday I let Seth and Bekah stamp on the kitchen floor. Heck, it was washable ink and I needed to take a shower. Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.

And then later that night, they were desperate for a movie. Steven set them up with their iPods. Yes, they both have iPods -- we have three fifteen hour plane trips coming up, they've got to have something to do. Can you blame us? LOL

It was two hours of blissful silence. PRICELESS.

Back to re-writing. Catch ya later.


  1. Are you freaking out about moving?? I feel like I will miss you - even though my virtual friendship with you shouldn't change - ha.

  2. Three 15 hour plane rides!?! What the!?! An extra thank you for reading those chapters, then, considering how crazy your life is. I'm so excited to read your blogs once you're in Japan!!!

  3. Okay...so aside from the whole moving to Japan thing, we are doing the whole parallel universe thingy again- I've got a picture Drew just drew I'm going to post soon. Be proud of the poop. It's talent and humor!
    And the iPods for the kids...FANTASTIC idea!

  4. I love the potato head poop picture! Its priceless. Those are good to hold onto for blackmail purposes later...
    As a fellow military family, (Navy) I feel your moving pain. Thankfully we are stationed state-side. The i-pods? GENIUS! Those would be great for my boys since we have a 4 day road trip coming up!
    Thanks for stopping by :)



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