Sunday, March 2, 2008

Do you know what I think is cute?

The fact that my husband goes on and on about WoW like I

(A) Care
(B) Understand what he’s saying
(C) Have any part of my brain invested in the conversation

I just smile and nod, occasionally saying, “That’s great, honey!” Just like he does with me and my writing.

It’s all good. That’s what we like to call “being a supportive married couple.”


  1. Oh well, then I'm VERY supportive! :)

  2. I think we all need that from time to time. Though I admit to getting annoyed sometimes when it's clear that my husband is just phoning in his reaction to my talking about my writing. I *do* try to listen attentively and respond appropriately to his hobbies, although I know that I don't always.

  3. when boy used to expound on the amazingness of wow i would give him my standard response when he was finished. wowee zowee. he was never amused.

  4. Oh yes...I do that when Kev starts tech talking. And he does that to me ...whenever I start talking. Ha ha!

  5. Now now babe, you know you care when I get epic loot and when i destroy horde guys trying to gank me. ROFL /hug /kisses

    And I do care about your writing. I cant wait to read you book that will be dedicated to me!!! ROFL

    I love you


  6. Steven's going to "read" aything you write. He'll wait for the movie!

  7. sounds about right to me lol



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