Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things that make you go "Hum..."

I realized how odd I am last night (yeah, yeah, yeah, it's not surprise to you. SHUSH!)

I keep a book list. Not to track my reading per say, it's more to keep a list of the books I've read so that I don't rebuy them. I have a tendency to do that, and it’s irritating when the book wasn't that great to begin with.

Plus, I have a rating system so that I know if I've enjoyed that particular author. When I see a book I'm interested in buying I check to see if that author has disappointed me in the past. It's also interesting (but not surprising) to note that certain lines of books please me more than others and they tend to score similarly if coming for the same publishing house/line.

This last month has been a slow reading month for me. I've been pretty busy. There was quite a bit of time this month that I didn't pick up a book (or read it on my Palm as the case may be - I'm super into ebooks). So I was shocked when I realized I'd read 15 books last month. Wow, I thought I'd read half that. LOL.

The highlight this month was the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs (Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron kissed) - they were awesome. When I finished the first one I found myself downloading the second at midnight and continued reading until five am. I never do that. I ended up reading all three in less than two days. In the end I was exhausted but, man, was it worth it! Briggs has made it to my auto buy list. I'm making a point to check out her earlier work.

Today I'm cracking down on the hot mess that is my current manuscript. Somewhere, somehow, I got off-track with it. I printed up the sixtyish pages I have and I'm working through them with a pen... making notes... cleaning up... slashing... rewriting. It's going pretty good. Except, of course, I'm only on page EIGHT, so what do I know at this point? I need to finish this book by the end of the month. It's time to move on.


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