Monday, September 10, 2007


Need I say more?


  1. Yes, you need to say more. ON YOUR BLOG!

    Congratulations on completing the book. When can we get it in bookstores. (I'd totally buy it. But don't count on me to actually READ it... nothing personal...)


  2. Thanks Lori!

    And getting it in bookstores... that totally made me laugh. I wish it were that simple.

    As far as reading it, I wouldn't be offended by your not reading it, I highly doubt that you'd like it much anyway. As a matter of fact, I'd place a bet that you wouldn't. ;)

  3. Congrats! What an accomplishment! :)

    By the way, I've started using Google Reader to keep track of blogs I want to read (the list is getting too big and I'm starting to forget people! LOL.)

    It's not detecting an RSS feed for your blog. Do you have one? If you don't, would appreciate if you set one up so I can more easily check in on you! :)

  4. Oh TEEEEEE! :)

    On Google reader go to "browse" and enter prncesh1. That should show you a feed.

    I use GR too. I find though, I stopped commenting as much.

  5. Well, I've read it (since I help you do your edits), and I can say it's the best work you've ever done and it totally rocks.

    (And that's not just a mom's opinion. It's FABULOUS.)

  6. Hey look! I've got my mom pimping me out!

  7. I'm excited for you!! Must feel really, really good. What's the next step?

    How did your hair turn out? Can't help's the colorist in me :)


  8. YEAH! Now you can recreate another blog for yourself....LOL

  9. Heather - Thanks for the hot tip ;) It worked.

    As for GoogleReader, I don't use it the way I think most people do. I'm using it more just to keep all my blog links - but I don't really read them on the actual reader. I don't like that. I open everyone's blogs in new tabs :)

  10. HOORAY! I am glad I picked today to venture back into blog land .... good for you Heather! I can't wait for it come out!

  11. So is it all in first person after all?



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