Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Progress Update #1

Still in exile.... Kicking butt and taking names.


Music: Barenaked Ladies
Question: Why do the customers who come to my favorite Starbucks not bathe? And WHY do they SIT BY ME????
Words Written: 2138 new words (plus several sections re-written)
Status of house: Disaster (hey, something has to give)


Music: Blink-182
Other Stuff: I think I've worked out my query blurb. At least I hope so (we'll see). That's the worst part of the query process, figuring out how you are going to pitch your book.
Words Written: 2001 new words (plus query)
Status of House: Still a mess but getting clean (thanks Steven). ;)


  1. Cheering from the sidelines...uh, with a iced caramel macchiato. ;-)

  2. WOOO!! You can do it! I'm working on writing this weekend - hopefully I'll come up with something brilliant??



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