Sunday, August 12, 2007

In the Midst of Edits

How much do I love thee,
My laptop?

I cringe to think of the “old days,”
Typing and re-typing
Now a simple cut and paste,
Sweet, blessed utilities.

I love modern times,
I love the convenience,
The ease of change,
Always rearranging.

I love you,
My laptop


  1. Ah yes...cut and paste is nice, is it not? I never thought about how much that revolutionized writing. (Of an art student, I sort of by-passed a lot of paper writing...hee hee.)

  2. I am just green . . . I so would love a lap top, not for the writing book ease (like that would ever happen . . Me? Write . . . ha!) but that I could take it with me . . . blog at Starbucks . . .*sigh*!
    Oh, and a PS about the chocolate cake . . .LOVE Cost Co in Ensenada for that chocolate fudge manylayered sugar sugar goodness . . .mmmm and my doctors will have a finger to shake at me later, I'll tell you that right now!



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