Monday, July 2, 2007

How successful was I?

I managed to write 5K words. That's pretty good (no where near my outrageous goal... but, you know... whatever).

I did fart around a bit. AND I got my voice recognition to work. It's a super cool feature and I love, love, LOVE it. So now I type... and type... and type... Then when I get stuck I start talking out my story and the software types it on the screen. I get "un-blocked" and away I type again. It's fabulous.

John Green announced that July is "National Finish A Revision Of Your Book I Mean Seriously Come On Month" to be referred heretofore as (NAFAROYBIMSCOM). Ha ha ha. I find that funny. I am so participating. I'm finishing the draft this month - period. No more excuses. :)

I have to pack the kids and myself today (perhaps tomorrow) to drive to my parents house for the week. We can't miss the big Fourth of July celebration! Steven is going too, of course. I'm just not responsible for packing him. He's a big boy. ;)

Oooh, oh yeah, I forgot... Seth got his hair buzzed off. He's practically bald. Steven says it's a reverse Samson. You cut off his hair and now he's a wild child!


  1. I've got to see Seth's bald head!

    Have fun on the 4th!

  2. Good for you! 5K, is more than I can say for myself! (Shh...don't tell anyone I'm not writing a book...*wink*)
    Yes...we must see pics of the buzzed head wild child!
    Have a great 4th!

  3. The boy I babysit for his mom shaved his head, she said the 4 inch setting was too long so she went to a 1/2 in yikes

  4. good job on the voice speak thing, and you will haveto post pics of seth's hair...

  5. Five thousand words totally rocks!!!
    Keep at it. I've read your stuff, and you are a great writer. Keep at it!
    (Reverse Samson. That's really funny)

  6. Ok pictures girl, we need pictures!

  7. I can't imagine him without his hair!
    And thats pretty cool about your voice recognition thing-y . . .



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