Sunday, February 11, 2007


I am flying through the edits on this book. Woo Hoo! Having a game plan from the beginning paid off big time.

Currently I'm starting on chapter 15. That's 115 pages of edits in TWO DAYS. And I'm not done for the night.

I have to laugh though, you can tell the mood I was in when I wrote certain chapters. They range from "very clean" to "ugh! this is drek".

... and then there was chapter 8. What the heck was I on when I wrote chapter eight?! I would make a funny joke right here... something like "I must have been smoking crack" but seriously, I had to have been on something... Perhaps too much coffee affected my brain.

That chapter alone took me two hours to edit. Why? It was endless sentences like this:

"The demons are on her."

Huh? This isn't a supernatural thriller. What's going on here?! It took me fifteen minutes to realize what I had tried to say is: "the dimensions are wrong here."

That wasn't even the worst. I had to completely "decode" the entire chapter.

Other than that, it's been smooth sailin'!

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