Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Around My House

  • Steven is (tentatively) scheduled to leave on the 24th. I keep thinking of odd things I need done around here before he leaves.

  • The kids (and me too!) are still sick. This is week three if you're keeping track. Yesterday Seth woke up SCREAMING about his ears. Steven took him to the doctor and, yup, two ear infections. Then he vomited in the car on the way home. Lovely.

  • Book two is finished (on the 12th). I have my idea for book three but need to figure out my main plot arc. After that I need to get it outlined. :)

  • We still have to do our taxes before Steven leaves (not that I can't do it without him, but still...). I haven't wanted to take the kids out of the house. I think tomorrow, no matter what, we're going. I can't wait to see what our return is!

  • And a FOUR day weekend is coming up. Yippy. We won't be going anywhere but at least I can get everything on my list done!

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